Demented Disney: a Burlesque & Comedy Cabaret

Prepare to have your Childhood ruined(or possibly made better) Join us at the Magical World of Bar XIII and prepare yourself for a night of Twisted and Demented versions of all your favorite Disney Characters
Feature Burlesque Performances by
Lady Luxe
Da Butt
Miss Kisa
Avada Kedavra
Wisha Bytchwuld
Comedy performances by
Gabby Loveland & Lakshmi
Hosted by Fenris
Doors at 9pm
10PM Showtime
$20 Pre Sale($15 with any Performer Promo code)
$25 at the door
The TRUCK 13 Food Truck will be open and serving all Night

High Minded: A Show Where Comics Attempt Stand Up Under The Influence

Question… What happens when you give a bunch of Stand Up Comics a few drinks and some legal gummies from a local Delaware Smoke Shop, then put them on stage to perform there act as well as give them random topics to riff on?
Answer… We have no clue!
But we plan to find out at “HIGH MINDED” …. a comedy show like you have never seen before
Hosted by Fenris & Otis Timlin
Doors and seating at 8pm
Showtime at 9pm
$10 Pre Sale
$15 Cover at the door
The TRUCK 13 Food Truck will be open during the Event
This is theme party comedy event. No illegal substances are permitted on the venue grounds.

The Fenris Comedy Jam

Get ready for one of the wildest nights of Stand Up ever…… The Fenris Comedy Jam.
Keith Purnell
Bob C
Xander Hobson
Music by Dj Keith Purnell
Hosted By Fenris
Doors at 8pm
Showtime at 9:30
$10 Pre Sale
$15 at the Door