Weekly Events

asylum 13
Asylum 13 (Thursdays) – Asylum 13 is a weekly celebration of Dark beats, Dark fashion and Dark fun. A place where shadow and flame come together to teach the art of seduction in whispers only the brave will hear. Come experience Delaware’s most original, kink friendly, dance party. Our DJs come from all over to bring you a beat you can get lost in, whether you want the gear grinding pulse of industrial or your favorite top 40 song drenched in the blood of a dark remix, they are here to meet your need for awesome, keeping your hearts pounding, your feet stomping, and the adrenaline high. $5 Asylum Sluts, $3 Fireballs, $5 Jagers
open mic
A Secret Jam: Clandestine
Improvisation Hosted by
Sean McKean (Tuesdays) – Every Tuesday, some of the best musicians in the area gather create magic.  You have just become part of that magic.
From 8 o’ clock to half past 9 we give singer/songwriters and those too scared to take part in the jam a chance to shine.
Game Night and Movie Night in the Bar XIII Lounge (Wednesdays) – Games for everyone! Bar games, drinking games, card games, and movies on the bar screens.  There is something for everyone and drink specials all night long.