Interview with Tim Day, Tri-State Underground

Tim Day

We interviewed Tim Day about the upcoming Robot Revolution. Which is about more than just music it’s about helping the community…

“In 2012 Delaware Online published an article that touched on what they called “Food Security”. This was an attempt to ease into the topic of Poverty in our home state.

According to their figures, over 55,000 Delawareans have no idea where their next meal is coming from. Of those 55,000 people, an estimated 35,000 were under the age of 18.

Every event

In 2015, the Federal Poverty Threshold was $24,036 household income for a family of 4. Research at the time suggested that on average, families had to bring in twice that amount to meet their basic needs. The United States measures poverty by an outdated standard developed in the 1960’s; and as a result, many who need help do not qualify for state/federal assistance. So where are these people who so desperately need help supposed to go to find it? Employers pay minimum wage and an endless cycle is created for many of our fellow Delawareans. Food banks and assistance programs run by the state often require recipients to show proof of income and residency. Many swallow their pride and seek out help only to find that they do not qualify regardless of the realities of life. The cost of living rises quicker than minimum wage, so who do these people turn to when the state and federal systems/policies fail them?

Enter Tri-State Underground. We see the need and want to help bridge the gap. No person should go hungry in a society touted as being “The Greatest Nation on Earth”. No child should go to bed at night on an empty stomach because bureaucratic lobby law says his/her parents make too much for the system they pay taxes into to offer them the help they need. Our goal is to bring together the community to do what our government should; meet the needs of our fellow man. Laws and policies make it difficult for a person in poverty to ever break free of the never ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and barely scraping by. We will not stand idle as our neighbors struggle. We will stand up and carry some of the burden as brothers and sisters. We will fight to create a new sense of community and belonging. We will feed those who have a real need and we invite you to help us in our mission.

Tri-State Underground knows that there is power in music. We recognize music as being a driving force that can bring people together and open hearts to a greater good. Every show we organize is an opportunity to not only see great local bands showcase the talent they have tirelessly worked toward developing, but also a chance for people to get together for one common good. Every show is a donation destination. We collect canned goods and non-perishable food at the door, we raffle off items to raise money to purchase food for the less fortunate and we have tee shirts for sale that also benefit the community. We do all of this from a place of love and respect for all people in our home state. We recognize that one or two people cannot change the world, but as we grow, real progress can be made. Join us as we seek to be the change we wish to see in this world. Rally with us as we look toward a brighter future for our neighbors. Stand with us as we set an example for future generations for how we are to respect and help our fellow man. Together we can accomplish great things all while enjoying some of the best live, local music the First State has to offer.

As always, if you see an opportunity to do good for someone else; seize the moment. Even the smallest of deeds can alter the course of another person’s day.”

~ Tim Day, Tri-State Underground

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