Reopening Guidelines – Bar XIII

Bar XIII is allowed to re-open on June 1st, 2020 using the following guidelines provided by the state of Delaware. You can read the full PDF from below.

A shortened Customer Guidelines and Expectations document can be found here: Customer Guidelines for Phase 2 Re-Opening at Bar XIII


Below is page 12-13 as it pertains to Food & Drink Establishments:

Guidelines: FOOD & DRINK ESTABLISHMENTS – Delaware’s Reopening

The following guidance is for providers of food or drink, such as restaurants, breweries,taverns, and taprooms that provide table service, in addition to the general guidance that applies to all businesses:

Staff and customers must wear a cloth face-covering in accordance with the State of emergency Order at all times, except for customers seated at a table to eat or drink, who may remove the cloth face covering while seated at the table in order to do so.

Tables and booths must be arranged in a way that ensures seated customers at one table are at least six feet apart from seated customers at another table. For booths, this typically will mean seating customers at every other booth. For freestanding tables (with pull out chairs), there should be eight feet apart to ensure that a seated guest is six feet from seated guests at other tables. Inside and outside seating must both comply with these standards. Tables must be disinfected in between each party.

Customers from different households may sit at a table together as long as they are socially distanced. Guests must all have seats, be seated, and remain seated unless going to the restroom. Orders should be placed from a table and received at a table unless an alternative exists that ensures guests who are not of the same household are socially distanced at all times while placing and receiving an order.

For food and drink establishments that provide table service: Customers must have areservation unless the establishment has a system for ensuring that customers without a reservation do not gather while waiting to be seated. Takeout can still continue under pre-Phase 1 guidelines but should be done without those ordering entering the dining facility when picking up order.

For food and drink establishments that does not provide table service: Counter service locations must be spaced 6 feet apart. Signage and floor markings must be present to guide patrons in appropriately spacing while in line. Staff must be designated to monitor patrons entering the facility, monitor lines, and ensure social distancing throughout the facility.

The total number of guests within a facility shall at no time exceed 60% of fire occupancyrequirements.

Guests should be provided with single-use, paper, disposable menus. All condiments (salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayo, sugar, etc.) must be provided directly to diners in single-use disposable containers or re-usable containers that are cleaned between each party.

Cups, lids, napkins, and straws must be delivered to the table after the party has been seated.

Proper precautions must be taken when handling ready-to-eat foods. Variances or other allowances for bare hand contact are void until these restrictions are lifted.

Self-service food and buffet options may only reopen if the facility assigns dedicated staff to distribute food, and any customers at the buffet are socially distanced from others who are not of the same household. No customer at any time should touch serving utensils, and staff members should be dedicated to a particular serving utensil or utensils so that multiple staff are not touching the same utensils.

Self-service beverage may be reopened for use by customers, but should be disinfected every 15 minutes to 2 hours by staff.

Bar service and seating at a bar may reopen as long as proper social distancing is observed between those not of the same household.

Any to-go containers for food guests bring home after dining must be protected from possible contamination.

Every restaurant is expected to have its own reopening plan and must follow DPHguidance.

Customers should be guided to seats by staff to control traffic in, out, and through the restaurant to ensure that safe social distancing is maintained as much as possible. If guiding to a table is not practical or safe, the restaurant should provide clear signage and instructions to control the flow of traffic through the facility.

No activities, outside of those guests engage in while seated at a table, may take place, and any common areas where people would typically stand must be off-limits if not otherwise occupied by tables with seated guests. This includes dance floors, arcade/bar game areas, pool tables, and similar spaces.