Steven Archer – Artist

“I’m always willing to listen…”

Steven Archer

Favorite drink:
Endorphin Analog/ Adrenochrome when available

Describe for people some of your various projects and where they can generally see them:
Ego Likeness – post goth juggernaut. Stoneburner – elegant violence. ::Hopeful Machines:: – every sound, all at once. | |

How long have you been doing your art?

What’s the most satisfying part of the process?
The process itself. Making it.

Days/Nights most likely to see you at the bar:
The nights when the silver crosses the palm…

Zodiac sign?
Your mother

If you could be any animal?

What’s your superpower?
Don’t need one

Favorite color?

How long have you been coming to Bar XIII?
More or less since it started.

Favorite Jukebox song?
Lunatic fringe

What is the best thing about Bar XIII?
The whole thing is very well done. Across the board.

What’s something people generally wouldn’t know about the projects you’re involved with?
Everyone in them is an asshole except me.

If someone were to come to ask you to do some work on a project for them, what would be your advice?
It depends on the situation… often it requires money. But I’m always willing to listen…

Do you want to give a Shout-Out to anyone?
veryone who works at XIII has my respect. Except that one guy…

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