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How long have you been taking photos of Bar XIII events?
Since Feb of 2016

How did you get started with Photography?
Ive been doing photos for over a decade, one of my friends introduced me to the Bar and the rest is history.

What are some of your favorite photography projects/shows?
Photographing 3Teeth, Grendel, Pig, were real honors, I love doing burlesque photography as I consider it the most difficult. Capturing beauty and grace amid an explosive or smoldering movement.

Favorite drink?
The Green Tea

Zodiac sign?

If you could be any animal?
Orca, aint nobody fuck with an orca.

What’s your superpower?
Capturing the image no matter what.

On average, how many photos do you take at an event? How many make the cut?
Average event I’ll take anywhere from 100-300 photos, of those maybe 30-50 will make it.

What’s your advice to those who want to get a photo taken at a Bar XIII event?
Be interesting, or just simply ask.

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