Lauren Katzmire – Artist

“Make decisions at the lowest level possible to maximize efficiency”

Katzmetics – Makeup and accessories all created by Lauren Katz!

Favorite drink:
Dr. Pepper

Describe for people some of your various projects and where they can generally see them:
For special fx I worked on a horror film last year that is now available for viewing and purchase on Amazon. I just finished up a trailer for an upcoming film as well. I have been creating horror, oddity, and Wiccan crafts for years which can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram. I am currently working on a proper website.

How long have you been doing your art?
I’ve been doing art in general since I was a child, but became serious with special fx and making jewelry when I was 18.

What are some of your favorite photography projects/shows?
Photographing 3Teeth, Grendel, Pig, were real honors, I love doing burlesque photography as I consider it the most difficult. Capturing beauty and grace amid an explosive or smoldering movement.

What’s the most satisfying part of the process?
Seeing the customers compliment and purchase my work

Zodiac sign?

If you could be any animal?

What’s your superpower?
The power of persuasion 🖤

Favorite color?

How long have you been coming to Bar XIII?
At least 7 years.

Favorite Jukebox song?
Golden years- David Bowie

What is the best thing about Bar XIII?
Being able to see all my friends every week knowing you can be as accepted as the next person.

What’s something people generally wouldn’t know about the projects you’re involved with?
People may not be aware that all of my artistic abilities are self taught without the benefit of any formal schooling.

If someone were to come to ask you to do some work on a project for them, what would be your advice?
My advice is to make decisions at the lowest level possible to maximize efficiency.

Do you want to give a Shout-Out to anyone?
To all my fellow starving artists trying to make a living

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