Ashley Messatzzia – Bartender

“Let loose and let’s get weird!”

Favorite drink:
Xtra Dirty Martini (Gin, duh)

Favorite drink to make:
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Shots

Favorite Bar XIII show:
There’s been sooooo many, but 2 that stand out are Dead Milkmen and Memphiskapheles

Days/Nights most likely to see you behind the bar:
Thursdays and Fridays

How long have you been with Bar XIII?
3 1/2 years

What do you like about bartending?
All the new people you meet and the CRAZY things you see and hear!

If you could be any animal?

Zodiac sign?

Favorite color?

What’s your superpower?

How fast can you make an Asylum Slut?
Come in and find out!

Favorite Jukebox song?
Tiny Dancer

Ideal vacation spot?
A cabin in the woods by a lake

Do you want to give a Shout-Out to anyone?
My girl Risha! She taught me almost everything I know now about bartending and shes the best bartender (and friend)!

Advice for patrons who come to the bar?
Let louse and let’s get weird!

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It’s lovely isn’t it? Stolen? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I bought it fair and square at the Bar XIII Art Show and Bazaar.