Alex Seigfried – Webmaster / Graphic Designer

“What you think is coming at you is really coming from you.”

Favorite drink:
Guinness and Johny Walker on the rocks

Favorite Bar XIII show:
Pre-show chat with friends

Days/Night most likely to see me at the bar:
Wed, Thur or at a burlesque show

How long have you been with the bar?:
Since 2015, I think very close to that.

What do you like best about Bar XIII?:
Great attitude, friendly people, accepting, and not a sports bar.

If you could be any animal?:

Zodiac sign?:
Very Leo.

What’s your superpower?:
When I want something I can pull on the strings of the Universe to make it happen.

Favorite Jukebox song?:
Happy Pills – Weathers

Ideal vacation spot?:
Deep in the heart of a major city.

What project have you enjoyed working on most?:
I used to make a Zine called 4th Tower.

Advice for people who want to feature their show on the website?:
Contact me and take some video of your performers practicing and playing.