Patron Profile – Kim McBrearty


Name: Kim McBrearty
Age: 30
From: West Chester
What brought you in?: Came for a Stoneburner show in August

Events you go to?: Asylum, Metal Shows and Special Events.

Favorite Kink: Impact bottoming

Kim recently discovered Bar XIII and was immediately drawn into it. Like so many of our patrons, Kim got her first taste of this scene through Nocturne, a now dead dance party that was hosted at Philadelphia’s Shampoo Nightclub, at the age of 15. She is a big music fan and enjoys going to metal shows but after discovering Asylum 13 she was hooked. Kim was drawn into Asylum through the kink side of things, and while she digs the goth industrial vibes, she was really looking for a friendly, open and not too intense scene to explore and play in. “I felt welcomed from the start, even though I didn’t know anyone,” she says “It’s inviting without being intimidating. It’s fun and kinky and there is just so much variety!” She would one day like to audition for the Dark Angels Burlesque, the Bar XIII house burlesque troupe, and perform on stage for the very first time.

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