NEWSLETTER – November 2020

Interview with Fenris,
the Host of Comedy Night!

~ Kim McBrearty

I got to sit down with the host of Comedy Nights before a show. Fenris has been coming around since pre-Bar XIII days and has frequented Asylum and Open Mic nights, and now is the host of a weekly event full of laughter and good vibes all around that has deemed much needed during this unusual world we currently live in. Fenris got his start attending and performing open mic nights at a coffee shop in West Chester, hosting burlesque shows and open mics at Bar XIII, and now hosting this weekly Wednesday event. As he so eloquently put it, “It only took a pandemic to make my show a success!” You can find him at the stripper pole every Wednesday night drinking PBR & Whiskey on the rocks and playing his ukulele. Definitely a good time!

How would you describe Comedy Night?

You never know what will happen; there’s no control in what will happen. Always new people and new comics showing up and getting on stage…sometimes you get the Vinny’s of the bar and it can be a shit show, but always a good time.

What’s your favorite thing about the event?

It’s always a new show and never the same material. Even when it’s bad it’s good! I also really love watching the same comics return and grow; watching their evolution is great.

What was a pretty memorable night for you?

One time right after Hugh Hefner died we sort of went in the direction of giving eulogies all night…saying how much we missed his magazines and how we personally enjoyed them. We’ve become much more organized since then!

What was the strangest or craziest Comedy Night you can think of?

Definitely Vinny’s birthday about one to two years back. We made him do a 40-minute set and we wouldn’t let him get off stage until the time was up. We had about three or four people just egging him on to keep going. He was just rambling on and on, we think he even confessed to murder or something. It was a wild night!

This month we are focusing on one of the virtues that Bar XIII encourages: FUN. Tell me about your experience with this virtue at the bar.

I’ve always called Bar XIII the “chameleon bar,” because it’s not just one audience that they cater to. It so diversified from Asylum to metal shows to comedy night and hip-hop nights. I’ve had a lot of fun when coming to Asylum and of course the comedy nights. And I think a lot of other people can agree.

So, tell me a little bit more about signing up for shows.

Sign-ups start at 8:30 right before the start of the show. Everyone gets a 5-minute slot when they get on stage – depending on how many comics actually sign up – since recently we’ve been getting anywhere from 25-30 comics signing up every Wednesday. If we have less, then I am more lenient with the time slots. Anyone can sign up for it no matter what your experience is. We also do have sanitation stations throughout the bar, and the ability to change the head of the microphone between comics. We also ask that everyone wipe it down when finished their bit.

Any advice for new and aspiring comedians before you start the show?

Don’t be afraid to completely bomb! Just keep doing it. Learn from the good AND the bad and make some tweaks to those mistakes for the next time. What works and what doesn’t? Don’t give up, because…you will bomb at some point. Just learn from it and don’t hold onto it.


We have spent the last five years creating a place of inclusivity, diversity and sanctuary for any and all and we want to expand on the how and the why of that accomplishment.

The method to our madness can be found laid out on our websites homepage as our virtues and the one we want to focus on this month is the first one:

We want to make your evenings entertainment second to none.

This month we reached out to our customers and asked them why they think Bar XIII embodies this Virtue. You won’t find a single venue with more live entertainment, that spans so many genres, and includes every kind of sub-culture. The Owner, the Staff, and the Creative Talent that brings this menagerie to life have built a ‘safe space’ where ANYTHING can happen. You never know what unique, strange, or amazing thing you’ll find at Bar XIII!

What Our Customers Say!

Angela Marie Teague
I rarely get to come visit which is a huge bummer but your karaoke crowd is the BEST most supportive group I have sung with and for….and to add to that, Skeletor is a whole mood. I usually only come in for those events or when I have a hankering to see one specific person 🙂

Rick Steel
So many fun times!! I’ve worked there, loved there, sang there, even cried there because no matter what, everyone is welcome and wants to be sure you have fun! Some of the finest people I’ve ever met, the coolest events I’ve ever been part of, and some of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Like the time I got to meet Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative!

Lexi Kraft
I have so many fun memories there, actually I think because we are so encouraged to be ourselves is why we are able to have so much fun. I love the outrageous ways people express themselves at any night whether it’s Karaoke, Bingo Asylum or dancing to live music. Because we are able to let our true selves shine I feel we have the most fun. We’ve really built a family and I’ve been missing it often

Support Bar XIII – 2021 Calendar

Some of our sexiest inmates have spent time photographing and modeling for a 2021 calendar to support Bar XIII. All proceeds are going directly to the bar, so pre-order now to get them all printed sooner!

All donations over $25 get a calendar, and each print will be $15. Go make a donation for a calendar at


We have some new models inside the bar showing off merch. Check out the website for more and support the bar!

COVID-19 Guidelines

Welcome to our strange new world! We will be posting this reminder each month as needed, so bear with us!

Let’s not allow this pandemic to bring us down at Bar XIII as we have strict guidelines on safety and health precautions as we encourage having a great time while also following the rules set forth to ensure the limit of the spread. With the help of everyone, we must follow the guidelines below while at Bar XIII:

• Must always wear a mask unless seated.

• Wash hands after using the restroom.

• 6’ social distancing

• Hand Sanitizer stations are located throughout the bar for patron use

• Guests must all be seated and remain seated unless going to the restroom or participating in an approved bar game activity.

• Please enjoy the pool table, pinball machine, and darts while wearing a face covering

Live. Local. Loud.

MONDAYS: Karaoke Night
tuesdays: $2 Tuesday with Lori
wednesdays: comedy open mic with fenris
thursdays: dirty. sexy. bingo with tracie

11/13 Pitch Black Friday the 13th
11/14 gutter Royal and Duces Wild
11/20 The bar XIII Birthday Roast of DJ Rico
11/21 whiskey grin – as we become ghotsts
11/26 closed for thanksgiving
11/28 hpusa fangksgiving fest w/voodoo death cult atdv whiskey bats

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