Come play with us this month for some fun events happening around Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single like me, taken, or…a bit of both, you’re bound to find something fun this month to celebrate. On February 2nd is The Sweet Spot Wilmington: Valentine Show with burlesque dancers, live music, comedy, poets, and live body art models. On February 13th Ex Machina presents the Valentines Massacquerade Ball as we dance into Valentine’s Day. Dress to impress with your favorite masquerade mask and attire and come find me. Then, on February 15th Fenris will be hosting the Rump Shaker booty burlesque show! I know I won’t be missing this celebrating of booties. Check out our other events for February below. I’m looking forward to a naughty February!


You may have wondered who that guy is walking around with the camera, or who that is taking everyone’s photos. I had the opportunity to sit down with Maestro to ask him some questions to share with our patrons to get to know him a little bit more. This month also marks four years since Maestro has been coming to Bar XIII!

When did you start coming to Bar XIII? In February, it will be four years!

What is your New Year’s Resolution? To be more evil. Kindness is for suckers

Current Spotify go-to playlist: Hot Rods and Horror Shows

Last show you watched on Netflix: Just finished Dracula…highly disappointed. Highly recommend The Witcher, though!

Tell us a little bit about what got you into photography. I’ve been doing it since 2004. Both my dad and grandfather were photographers, so I grew up around it.

What is your muse? People. Someone who can connect with me on an artistic level.

What do you try to capture at the bar during events or on Asylum nights? People having fun and having a good time is what I try to capture. Capturing those moments they want to remember have forgotten…or even want to forget!

What are your personal favorite events at Bar XIII? Big fan of Mike Saga’s events, and anything to do with dancing. Also a big fan of the concerts and shows they have here. Industrial shows, punk rock shows, that kind of thing. Asylum is my favorite night of the week.

Any others? The Mike Saga No Pants Parties and Onesies Parties! The Latin nights are pretty fun too. Maybe they’ll do another one soon! There’s always something new going on.

What advice would you give a newcomer to the bar? Be open to new experiences. Try new things. And most of all: be cool to others!

And…of course. Tell us where we can see more of your photos. On my personal Facebook page: The Scene by Maestro. Or check out my Instagram @sc3nebymaestro

Any last words? Always be ready to have your picture taken. I’m always watching!
Live. Local. Loud. See February’s Calendar.

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