Newsletter December 2020


By now, everyone has heard of the new Delaware guidelines regarding bars and restaurants. For those who don’t know the new changes are:

• Only 30% of total occupancy allowed in

• Curfew of 10pm

This will significantly impact the bar’s ability to serve you and have events, however we will persevere We are moving our weekly events up to run earlier and making changes to our weekend events to stay compliant. Bar XIII is still open and still the best place to experience live music, unique people, and just plain ol’ fun.



Bar XIII can now send any kind of drink home with you. Stop by from 6pm-10pm and our bartenders will get you setup for a great evening at home.

Bottles, Cans, Slushies, Cocktails, Craft beer, and we now have Growlers! Even better! Bring your own Growler and we will fill you up with any of our beer on tap. We have an incredible selection, updated weekly on our website under FOOD & DRINK.

Do you miss your Asylum Sluts? We can get that for you in a to-go cup!


We know how it is, you want to come out, you want to support the local artists that make Bar XIII a destination venue, but you can’t.

Consider sending in the $5 cover it would have normally cost if you’d attended the event. Even if the event is a no cover one, like our karaoke, open comedy night, $2 Tuesdays, or Bingo think about donating a little to keep things going.

Without you, we couldn’t keep things interesting! We want to be able to continue having amazing shows and fun experiences for decades to come.


We have some new models inside the bar showing off merch. Check out the website for more and support the bar!


Some of our sexiest inmates have spent time photographing and modeling for a 2021 calendar to support Bar XIII.

All proceeds are going directly to the bar, so pre-order now to get them all printed sooner! All donations over $25 get a calendar, and each print will be $15. Go make a donation for a calendar at


Welcome to our strange new world! We will be posting this reminder each month as needed, so bear with us!

Let’s not allow this pandemic to bring us down at Bar XIII as we have strict guidelines on safety and health precautions as we encourage having a great time while also following the rules set forth to ensure the limit of the spread. With the help of everyone, we must follow the guidelines below while at Bar XIII:

• Must always wear a mask unless seated.

• Wash hands after using the restroom.

• 6’ social distancing

• Hand Sanitizer stations are located throughout the bar for patron use

• Guests must all be seated and remain seated unless going to the restroom or participating in an approved bar game activity.

• Please enjoy the pool table, pinball machine, and darts while wearing a face covering



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