New Website New Features

It’s a brand new day on Bar XIII and a brand new website! Your going to notice that we’ve got a cleaner, more modern layout but we still have all the great things you’ve come to expect from us.

  • Events Calendar
  • Weekly Events
  • Cool Homepage Sliders
  • Previews of Upcoming Show Music

However on top of that we’re now SOCIAL!

What does that mean? It means you can now give us a Shout-Out! Right on the website, it means you can create groups and forums or participate in existing ones.


…are your way of expressing yourself and a great way to share information with everyone who comes to the bar.


…can be created on any topic, just invite your friends and have public or private conversations on topics like: organizing a show, meetup groups, photo sharing, alt-crafts and so much more.


…are there for your public consumption, take part in the Flea Market or tell us what kind of shows you want to see in the future. Start your own topics and we’ll help you share it with the Bar XIII community.

Create an account

…to do all the above! Just go here and you’ll be part of something unique and special.


This month we’re offering the very first BADGE you can earn just by participating. Check it out! First one to complete the requirements gets a free t-shirt with the badge printed on it.

This is going to be an exciting month for Bar XIII so keep checking back and follow us on Facebook, where we’ll be making announcements on all the cool things we’re doing.

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