As Bar XIII’s resident P.I. you’re Very Important to us.

When you solve the mysteries we post to the website, we’re going to give you the V.I.P.I. discount.

Know the answer?  Figured out the case and ready to cash in on that big score? Come tell the Bartender (ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT) what you think the answer is.


Case File 006 : Forgery


The wonderfully talented Cori Whatley has hung her paintings in the Bar XIII lounge, they’ll be there all month long. However, upon closer inspection, you realize that one of them is a forgery! Who has made off with the original? The thief can’t have gotten far, look for clues on Facebook and the Website to identify the culprit.

Tell your bartender who stole the painting to receive your V.I.P.I. discount tonight (Wednesday 9/12).