It’s Saturday, Have a Few Beers

Tonight the bar is hosting PLAYGROUND an east coast psychedelic jam band made up of Ty Mathis, Jimmy Canale, Paul Legerme, Jake Greenwood, and David Koster! It’s laid back, it’s a jam, come down and get a little blurry to the tunes and try some of our unique beers.

Have you Tried…

The Dark Cide(r) by Liquid Alchemy

The-Light-Cider’s darker twin. Same amazing local apples, add a special caramelized beet sugar and it creates a very rich profile reminiscent of an imperial stout. The ABV is in the 7.5% range for a deep, dark experience that most of you never thought a hard cider could bring you.

2017 US Cider Open Voted Top 10 Cider Names In U.S.A.

2018 GLINTCAP Bronze Medal Winner

TURTLE POWER by Evil Genius

Spring time is here, and that means it’s time for TURTLE POWER, our American Pale Ale brewed with Grapefruit. 2-row and Crystal malts provide a subtle, toasty backbone, allow-ing the Citra hops to really shine through. Everything is complemented and rounded out by the addition of grape-fruit. The result is a refreshing and easy-drinking pale ale with notes of citrus, clementine, strawberry, and clean, smooth grapefruit. Cowabunga, dudes!

ABV 6.0%

Twisted Tea Original • 24oz Tall Can

That’s RIGHT! Be a badass and order the can that kicked ass online! Nobody will mess with you if this is saving your spot at the bar. Stake your territory, show that your not a human to be messed with. Order a whole can of whoop-ass!



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