Tell us a little bit about your role in Dark Angels and burlesque.
Tim: …I love everything that I do with the Dark Angels and always have a good time hosting the events. I like dressing up and even occasionally performing, but I also wanted to bring a different style of cabaret to the venue. From the level of performing I teamed up with my partner, an award-winning burlesquer, and founded Rum Runner Revue, a different style of troupe focusing on the speakeasy style of the Roaring Twenties. And to this day I continue to try to improve myself and the shows I put together. I have some exciting things coming down the pipe that I believe will add a whole new dimension to the venue.

Oh yeah? Would you be willing to share anything with us?
Tim: It’s a type of music that the venue hasn’t really embraced yet. I had to reach out to another producer to borrow his pet project band to make it happen. There’ll be an announcement very very soon as to the nature of the show!

Tim Minger, A.K.A. Marq de Sade

What was your most memorable performance?
Tim: Probably the first time I did a striptease dressed as Vinnie the Bar Bum. It was after I had established myself as a staple at the venue and an occasional performer. People were begging for weeks to know what I was doing. When I came out in the hat, ugly shirt, and raincoat, the entire building exploded with laughter!

You seem to have quite a bit of confidence performing. Do you ever have moments where you’re nervous?
Tim: I am always absolutely terrified before I take the stage. That first step from floor to stage takes a lot out of you. And it’s funny you mention the confidence. About three years ago I broke my 5th lumbar at work. I’m being treated for it, but the three months off from work did a number on me. I gained a lot of weight and have only just a few months ago gotten comfortable with my body again.

What was that like getting back on stage after such a debilitating injury?
Tim: The pain is always with me. It’s literally a broken spine! But getting back on stage was as terrifying as it was exhilarating. I’m a performer, through-and-through. I’m always rolling new ideas around in my head and preparing to bring something really fun to the stage in December, but I do have two shows this month to get through first.

That’s exciting! And then not long after will be Dark Angels at the bar now being the first Wednesday of every month. Aside from the burlesque shows and Asylum, what is your favorite event held at the bar?
Tim: I love Dirty Sexy Bingo with Tracie every Tuesday night, and I’m always a fan of the live goth/industrial bands. I grew up with those bands and now I get to actively work with them.

I can imagine that would be pretty awesome. How about these comedy shows?
Tim: Where to begin with Fenris? He’s our comedy ambassador. Two monthly shows, the second and last Wednesdays of the month. The earlier one is an open mix anything-goes absolute shit show where all sorts of strange things happen. The last Wednesday of the month is a spotlight on some local performers and then some open mic to finish out the evening. There’s always some weird stuff going down when Fenris is in charge.

As someone who is new coming to the bar, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and all the people here. What would you say is the most unique thing about the Bar XIII?
Tim: It’s a venue where anyone at all can find themselves and events that they would be interested in. Dancing, music, kink, cabaret, comedy…there’s always something for everyone.



Bar XIII Newsletter – November 2019

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