Holiday Gift Guide

At Bar XIII we know not everyone here gets into the “holiday spirit”, but everyone can get into the spirit of giving. So in order to help all of our heathens, our metal heads, our kinksters and our satanists we have put together a list of holiday gifts fit for every one of you. Best of all, every item, vendor or artist featured on this list are local business owners and friends of the bar. Help support small business, give a big finger to the corporate holiday BS and find a unique gift that will make their dark heart grow 3 sizes this winter.
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Darker Arts Studios

Hand Made Human Bone Jewelry
Using ethically sourced human bones, Darker Arts Studios’ Raquel “Rocky” Digati hand crafts each piece of jewelry herself. Originally from Bristol, Rhode Island, she comes from a family of artisans and art teachers. Her natural fascination with bones and skulls, her love of the macabre and her artistic background combined to create fantastically unique products that you wont find anywhere else. As a special bonus, now through December 31st, she is offering free shipping site wide! You can find out more through her website:

Eazy Breezy Art Studios

Local Artist and Art Instructor
Iffat “Eazybreezyart” Pugh is a freelance artists and surface pattern designer from Philadelphia. Growing up in West Philly, she always wanted to be able to draw portraits, like her sister. She would try to draw what she drew, and began looking towards illustrations, cartoons and video games for inspiration. Her art style features bold expressions, wit and character paying homage to the styles that influenced her. Interested in learning or perfecting your art skills? EazyBreezy also offers personal classes to increase your own artistic talents! You can find her work through her website at:

Slut N Stuff

Custom Wood Paddles and Dungeon Equipment
Slut N Stuff is helmed by the Wife and Husband duo of Kate and Brad LaValley. Each paddle is machine cut and hand finished with a wealth of imbeded designs to choose from. Don’t like any of the designs you see or have something specific in mind? Slut N Stuff will work with you to create something unique and personal that will make others stop and stare. Each paddle is made in the Slut N Stuff workshop in Chester PA using a variety of wood and finishes. Have something else in mind, something totally off the wall? Feel free to reach out and work with them on how to bring you idea to life! You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and their etsy shop at: or contact them via email at

Mamakit’s Wares

Custom LGBTQ Buttons and Pins
Deej McCoy Mamakit was born and raised in Philadelphia. After a long and intriguing journey through gender identities and sexual orientations, they finally landed on being a pansexual, gender fluid and non-binary trans person. Always on the lookout for buttons and other items representing their unique identity, their internet search was often fruitless. They took it upon themself to create the change they want to see in the world. With an ever-expanding inventory, they hope to provide Philly and other areas the non-binary representation that other shops offer for other identities. You can find Mamakit on Facebook at

Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends

Teas, Oils and Botanicals for your Hoodoo needs
Started by Amy Blackthorn over a decade ago, Blackthorn Blends was born out of a need for change. Having practiced Hoodoo for some time, Amy turned her intentions from a toxic working environment towards her passion for spellcraft and herbal teas to go with it. You need not practice Hoodoo to enjoy these wonderful blends, aromatic oils and botanical remedies. Try out their Yule Tea, a chocolate chai blend great for any time of the year! Or check out their Wheel of the Year sampler, a great selection of teas from 2019! Blackthorn Blends also offers services such as Reiki healing, aromatherapy, wedding services and divination services. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and through their website at

Raichyl Sinversa

Local Singer and Songwriter
Raichyl Sinversa, who started writing at the age of 4 is a unique blend of versatility and attitude. With influences like Tori Amos, Amy Lee and Mariah Carey, she is able to transcend her voice through a variety of vocal styling. In addition to her vast capability of dynamics, she boasts a 5-octave range and intense energy. The project has something for everyone from those who need a little edge to those who love Rock’N’Roll. Gothic rock with a pop twist and a punky attitude. Audibly pleasing enough to catch your attention. She allures all of her listeners with ease and perfection and creates a musical luster: like an angel with a metronome. You can find her on Reverbnation, Youtube and Twitch,,

De Tails Toys

Custom Made Floggers, Whips and Restraints
For those of you with a kink side, DeTails Toys is a must. Every item is hand made using the highest quality leathers. Each design can be customized to color, weight, leather varietal and size. Every toy is 100% guaranteed for life and if you have any issues their support staff is on hand to help. Got something specific in mind? Get in touch with them and see if they can make it happen, customizing is key! Outside of whips and floggers, they also offer restraints and educational materials to help you get your kink on safely and as effectively as possible. You can find them through their website at

The Art of Hintz

Custom Art Services
Jen ‘Hintzy’ Eggers is a Delaware native who enjoys shenanigans and applying artwork to pretty much any surface possible. She is drawn towards geometric patterns, organic arabesques and the ways that they interact. She offers services in henna, calligraphy and pinstriping and has a multitude of oil pieces available for purchase. If you are interested in her services or products you can find her website here:


New Album – Force of Will, Available December 2019
Power Theory is a 5 piece traditional/power metal band out of Philadelphia, PA. Started in 2008 by guitarist Robert Ballinger. Currently signed to Pure Steel Records -Germany. Featur-ing Jim Rutherford on Lead Vocals, Rob “BB” Ballinger and Carlos Alvarez on guitar, Alan D’Angelo on bass and Johnny Sasso on drums.For more information you can find them via Facebook or their website here:


New Album – Badlands, Available December 2019
The End A.D. Has members from some of the filthiest Philly bands to ever plague the city of brotherly love since the mid 80’s. They are a blending of Metal, Hard-core and Punk influences featuring Ami Friend on vocals, Lorin Savadove on drums, Paul Juestrich on guitar and Steve Rodgers on bass.For more information you can find them via Facebook or their website here:

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