HPUSA Monster Metal w Carnivore AD – Children of October – Morbid Cross – Seglock

Bar XIII 1706 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington

Featuring members of Sheer Terror/Crumsuckers/Kreator

With respect to Peter Steele they will join us to celebrate his music as well as his legacy and their set will feature songs from Carnivore and.....oh, what was that other band he was in?
They had a song all the goth girls loved about dying your hair black! Oh thats right... Type O Negative!

And being OCTOBER, and Monster Metal Night, we absolutely HAD to have the original Horror Thrash from Pittsburgh Children of October join our little soiree.
Morbid Cross was also a must for this bill! One of our favorite local metal bands with classic thrash vibes!

$15 – $17