Interview – Heather DeLuca – Downward Facing Doom: Heavy Metal Yoga

We interviewed the organizer for Bar XIII’s unique event Heather DeLuca:

Downward Facing Doom: Heavy Metal Yoga

Next Class: Monday from 5.30-7pm, $10 and a you get a free drink


What inspired heavy metal yoga?

The Inspiration for Heavy metal yoga came from the fact that even though I very much enjoyed the benefits of yoga and the practice itself, I never once felt a true connection in a yoga class. There was this huge disconnect between me and all the different “yogi’s” I came across so I started practicing yoga on my own which meant playing my own music, for me that meant heavy metal and a lot of doom metal. I found hearing that raw power come screaming out at you full blast is a surefire way to kickstart a serious adrenaline rush. At its black heart, metal is all about catharsis, and pushing your body to its sweaty limit is right up there among the most cathartic things you can do.

What’s your background in yoga instruction?
My background in yoga instruction actually doesn’t exist! I started doing yoga for fun a few times in gym in middle school, then in my high school once you got into your junior year you had the option to choose between a few different physical education classes, the one I chose focused on “Life time fitness” which meant we spent most of the year doing yoga, and the rest of the year doing rock climbing, circuit workouts and even some kick boxing. Yoga has just been something I have always enjoyed doing since then and I decided to start offering this event to give people who felt the same way a chance to get the class experience without the weird awkwardness.

What kind of songs do you play?

Music for this class varies as there are so many different types of metal! Last class we played some Metallica along song Bongripper and Witch Mountain. I think that’s the beauty of this class is it has the ability to always evolve and stay unique. For example if someone were to message me and ask to have some Volbeat on the list, we could make it happen. it’s always about the feeling it provides, sonically as well as emotionally.

Class schedule at Bar XIII:
5/14 – Monday, 5.30-7pm
6/11 – Monday, 5.30-7pm
7/9 – Monday, 5.30-7pm

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