Customer Guidelines for Phase 2 Re-Opening at Bar XIII

• Customers must follow the general guidance on the wearing of cloth face coverings at all times, except for customers seated at a table to eat or drink, who may remove the cloth face covering while seated at the table in order to do so.

• Customers cannot approach the bar for any reason (talking, ordering a drink, ect) stay at your table and a server will come to you. Orders must be placed from the table, and both food and drink must be delivered to the table by the staff of the facility, a guest should not leave the table to retrieve food or drink.

• Only members of the same group may be seated at a table, guests must all have seats, be seated, and remain seated unless going to the restroom.

• Capacity is limited, please be patient.

• Signage and floor markings will be present to guide patrons in appropriately spacing while traversing bar.

• No activities, outside of those guests engage in while seated at a table, may take place, and any common areas where people would typically stand must be off limits if not otherwise occupied by tables with seated guests. You cannot stand around ‘hanging out’ anywhere inside or outside the bar, you must remain at a table at all times unless using the restrooms.

• Table service is now allowed outside the bar in the designated roped off area. You may drink in this area.

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