Asylum 13: Five Year Anniversary Show

We at Asylum 13 have given you five years of our lives, and you’ve given us the five best ones in return! That’s right, you awesome motherfuckers, Asylum 13 has been a force for MADNESS in dark alternative entertainment for 5 years this September!

We’ve brought out tons of bands, incredible and unique performers, and created an environment where people can feel free to express themselves while enjoying awesome music, and you have rewarded us with incredible support and becoming a community full of love and acceptance.
PIG 5 year anniversary asylum 13
To celebrate FIVE YEARS of Asylum 13, the mighty LORD OF LARD, Raymond-Motherfucking-Watts himself, finally brings his bastard breed of industrial rock-fueled swine songs to Wilmington, Delaware!

That’s right… <PÎG> performs their first ever show in Delaware on Friday September 9th, 2016! This marks the first time there has been this much pork this close to Philadelphia in 20 years (Baconfest aside… those food truck vendors appreciate the GOSPEL of the Lard).

This momentus occassion also heralds the release of <PÎG>’s new album, “THE GOSPEL,” releasing the same date on Metropolis Records.

Watts will preach the word of the Lard alongside exhaulted prophets of pork and former KMFDM members Günter Schulz and En Esch, reuniting 3/4 of the powerhouse that dominated Industrial Rock throughout much of the 80’s and 90’s. In a time of such political angst as we see now, we could use some of the brutal musical disobediance unleashed by that trio.

During this unholy mass, En Esch will take over the pulpit with a sermon of sin that includes his independent teachings as well as excertps from the gospel of Slick Idiot, the band formed when he and Schulz were blessed with a shared vision of the Lard.

The Lord of Lard also welcomes some newer converts to preach the pork: Z Marr has seen the error of his deceitful ways and no longer plays the organs in the Church of the Combichrist, now bashing his keys for the boar, whilst Galen Waling of Left Spine Down also stomps his hooves for the right side, the ribs, and the entire roast.

Another acolyte of swine, Peter Turns Pirate, will entertain the faithful with an eclectic blend of dark electronic rhythms and theatrics that will have you Praising the Lard!

Holy shit! We have PIG, En Esch, Slick Idiot, 3/4 of the classic (now-former) KMFDM lineup, alongside ex-Combichrist alumni, and one of the best drummers in the scene (no, not the Combichrist guy – though both that one and Waling might have had some experience with the acronym LSD).

Fuck, this is going to be a great night.

Oh, and we’ve got Rodney Anonymous from The Dead Milkmen, alongside other regular and special guest DJs, joining us to spread some madness, with much, much more in store for you!

Tickets ( Online via Ticketfly – )
$22 Early Bird – Limited supply discounted tickets go on sale Friday 6/24 at 9AM.
$28 Advance Price – On sale 7/8 at 9AM.
$35 Door Price


ASYLUM Five Year Anniversary Affair- Night 2
Join us in celebrating a sinful Saturday with Kink, Art, Burlesque, and DJ Dance Party.

calendar release party
Asylum 13’s 5th anniversary is proving to be far too awesome to contain in just one night! You, our inmates, are the life blood of Asylum 13, and because we love our inmates more than anything, we want to make sure you get a little bit of everything you love for our anniversary weekend!

We want to fulfill your needs for DJ and dancing, your wicked dreams of kink displays,and your deepest, darkest desires to drink and be merry with your friends and inmate family.. With that goal in mind, we have decided to make the anniversary party TWO days of madness!! We will have for you The Best of Asylum All night Long We have a ton going on that you aren’t going to want to miss!

-The Dark Angels Burlesque Troop will be preforming Quentin Tarantino Burlesque

-Industrial Artist: Steven Archer will be present to release his Hand Painted Tarot Cards and perform his musical project of Hopeful Machines

-Project two along with The Crash and Burn team of DJ Phranque and DJ Chas Paris will be Spinning Dark Beats

-2016-2017 Girls of Asylum Calendar Release Featuring the Lovely Loyal Ladies of Bar XIII Dressed in Costume and ready to Sign your New Calendars. Did we mention the theme is Disney Princesses vs. Evil Queens? 😉 (Calendar Pre Orders can be purchased at the Bar for $20 before the event– Available for $25 on or after September 10th)

Whether you come for live music, dj’s, burlesque, or simply for the freaky fun, we have you covered on our 5th anniversary weekend. These last 5 years have been an amazing and fantastic ride. We wouldn’t be here without you, so on September 9th and 10th, come help us celebrate our inmates and the phenomenal community we have created at Asylum 13.

Cover is FREE with ticket from the night before or $10 at the door..
Bring your friends to show them everything Asylum is about!
Come enjoy our alternative atmosphere for the first time or commend yourself with this awesome bash for being a part of our family for the past five years.