ANNOUNCEMENT from the Owners

It’s been 430 long days since the governor imposed the restrictions on bars in Delaware. Whatever challenges we thought we’d face at that time, Bar XIII has faced them all, and more. Despite that, the Bar XIII family has stood with us 1000%. When the bars had to shutdown, many of you reached out and asked, “how can we help?” You donated cover charges and tips, bought merchandise and gift cards, and when things finally started opening back up, you helped us stay open by not only coming out to our events, but more importantly, sticking to the rules (even though we all hate rules!) so that we could keep offering you a chance to do what you love. Was it different? Of course. But we adapted, we modified, and we survived. Thanks to you. The “ass up, masks up” chants were more than just a fun mantra, they showed your commitment to making sure our Bar XIII home stuck around. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for the respect and care you showed for us during this pandemic. To be honest, it was hard to stay positive sometimes, but the love we felt from the Bar XIII community kept us going.

Now, as of Friday, May 21st, we are excited to announce that we are finally back at 100% capacity. Slowly, but surely, we will be bringing back all of the things that you love about Bar XIII, including Asylum 13, more live music, burlesque, and more. Whether you have been coming out regularly for months, been supporting from a distance, or just haven’t been out much during this pandemic, we want you all to know that we miss you, and you are welcome back to Bar XIII when you are ready. We are here to bring back the awesome, and we want each and every one of you to feel a part of it. Thank you all, from the bottom of our black hearts, we would NOT be here doing this today if you hadn’t rallied around us and shown your support. We love you all.

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