Bar XIII – Mission Statement

Bar XIII’s Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing Delaware a Home for Unique entertainment, Strange people, and Live Music. Our promise is to create a community that is built on respect, acceptance and the Idea of “chosen family”. We are Bar XIII.

We Dare You

Be Yourself
This is a place where you can be whatever you want. We accept all creeds, beliefs, lifestyles, and lifeforms.

We want to make your evenings entertainment second to none.

We respect your need to let loose, turn up the volume!

We endeavor to create an easy going, relaxing environment, where you are always treated with respect.

We support all the live arts. Our stage is a place for local and national talent to learn and grow in fame.

We collect the odd, the weird, and the wonderful.

This is the home of heroes, the bastion of mythical creatures. Be a badass, live it.

This is more than a venue or a bar. This is a community that supports each other so that we all prosper.